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Space Tavern Games embraces professionalism and strives for nothing but excellence. We are focused on the tabletop board game community and while we operate within this realm we strive to build relationships in order to network various entities in this sector. Currently as an outreach program, we have launched At the Tavern, a late night talk show that airs live every Tuesday night between the hours of 10-11 PM.

The show can be caught streaming on YouTube or watched at a later date on our channel. On At the Tavern we encourage valued input, discussion and intriguing thought. At the end of Q3 on top of the show on YouTube we plan to launch 4 new original shows. Season duration will be 1 episode a week for an 8 week season, depending on how each show is received and liked will determine if they come back for another season.


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Game Consulting, have an idea for a game? Do not quite Have an Idea on how you want it done? Shoot us an email!

Play Testing

Have a game in play-testing? We can help! We love to help! We will write in depth after action reports and get them to you immediately.



We will do an in depth review of your game, with a full write up and a video of us playing the game.

At the Tavern


At the Tavern currently and for the future to forever discusses RPG news, Mini War Gaming news, STG project updates and interviews a new Indie Developer each new episode. With that said, this will be a weekly show, where you can download the show on iTunes, watch it live on YouTube, and catch up on previous episodes.

At the Tavern is an endeavor to bring information about Space Tavern Games, and to showcase what is up and coming in the indie developer world so we can keep our Space Drinking Specialists in the know.

We value input, discussion and intriguing thoughts. Please feel free to tweet us using hashtag “#SpaceTavernGames” which we will check often or reach out to us at any of our other social media platforms.

Original Shows

By the end of Quarter 3 into Quarter 4 of 2015 Space Tavern Games will be releasing 3 new original shows. Each show will have original characters, over arcing story lines and adventure. Each of the shows working titles are as follows: Dice Night, The shipping Table, and The Warriors Circle. Season duration will be 1 episode a week for an 8 week season, depending on how each show is received and liked will determine if they come back for another season. The shows will be written by Tyler Ryan(@JaycoRheins on twitter) and will be mostly comedy with some action.

Dice Night Synopsis: A group of hardcore RPG Players getting together for their once a week night of dice. Where they complain about normal life, run insane quests, bicker with each other all in the cause of achieving glory. Only the one who possesses the coveted “Shirt Of Awesome” will be able to guide them on their harrowed journey, while a narcissistic Dungeon Master tries to suck the fun right out of their weekly bro night.

The Shipping Table: Follow Space Tavern Games employees as they deal with customers, encounter orcs, shipping emergencies and office shenanigans. Will any of the STG employees survive? Or will the work day quest become too much? Will there be a champion among men who rallies the team and brings them to victory? Stay tuned to find out.

Warriors Circle: Follow a roving band of heroes as they rehash the days events, ponder what quests they will face the next day. The heroes will also talk about philosophy, love, family, and other topics of deepness. Will there be villains? Will there be awesome action scenes? Will there be inebriated heroes? You can bet your d10 there will be.


Catacombs and Cataclysms (Project Merphias) is the product of expanding the universe of Den of Thieves. Merphias is the name of the continent that the play takes place on. We will be developing a solid storyline and smooth mechanics as we carry on with the project.


“In a world divided amongst factions willing to go to war at a moments notice, after the end of the poisonous Fenris Reign, Merphias has been thrown into a state of civil unrest, land claims being contested, borders being disputed, an entire kingdom plunged into a kingless nightmare, with the Fenris empire shattered into pieces, various factions are banding together to both protect and expand their borders.”

Scorched Earth

Scorched Earth is set in a not so distant future, at this moment it has been decided at around 5 years into the future. As the leader of your military unit, it is up to you to eliminate the enemy or complete your objective.

This game has a brand new mechanic that has been developed, to make your combat more fluid, faster paced and more exciting. On top of the new mechanic, actual tactics will work, from a small squad all the way up to the way you fight with your vehicles and have all of your units truly fight together to achieve maximum victory.

Trapped at the Tavern

This show is currently in development, Trapped At the Tavern will feature Patrick, Jason and Tyler play testing various board games that are absolutely horrible, while they are stranded at the Space Tavern, awaiting resupply on fuel. However let it be known that they have plenty of Red Bull, various snack foods and their humor to survive.

Random episodes will have various guests from At the Tavern who have been accidentally sent to the space station without fuel and only enough room in their Space Delivery Vehicles for themselves. Will Tyler and Patrick ever escape The Tavern and return to earth? Or will they make it back to earth, and attempt to fix these games?